Why Coworking Spaces Are The Way To go


Contemporary interior design and modern furniture set in earthy tones. Neutral-coloured walkways and communal working spaces.

Have a shot of espresso (or whiskey, if you like) at their spacious bar counter.

With its calming interior, GATHER hardly resembles an office at all.

We spoke to Lena Tan, General Manager at Gather Coworking Space, to get some insider’s insights about co-working spaces and how they are shaping modern-day workplace culture.

Designed to encourage a balance between work and play, GATHER aims to “marry traditional workplace environments and needs with social elements to fulfil a need for a tranquil and professional environment to meet and work.”

A Rising Demand for Co-Working Spaces

In recent years, it appears that there has been a growing preference for co-working spaces. This comes as no surprise — coworking spaces offer its members a plethora of benefits, such as cost-efficiency, holistic working environments, networking opportunities and more.

Lena agrees that there has been a rapid increase in the demand for coworking spaces, and attributes this trend to the growing startup culture, especially in the areas of tech.

“Even larger organisations corporate HQ are moving into coworking spaces – it seems that everyone has recognised the advantages.”

The supply of coworking spaces have risen in tandem with the demand for them. The number of coworking spaces popping up around the Central Business District has increased steadily over the past few years, with companies ditching their conventional offices for a more flexible option.

“The coworking sphere is competitive, with everyone constantly seeking to provide the next best thing.”

Lena explained that coworking spaces are moving towards a focus on lifestyle and hospitality, by providing guests with well-designed working spaces, and access to services and networking events.

“We are offering almost a membership service, as opposed to a basic office space.”

The Benefits of Co-Working Spaces

According to Lena, convenience and cost-efficiency are two key benefits offered by coworking spaces.

She cites printing services, coffee machines, wifi, reception services and housekeeping as key amenities that clients get access to as members of a co-working space.

GATHER offers clients cost-effective solutions by charging clients on a per-head basis, which ensures that they only pay for what they need.

“This is great for companies with flexible numbers of team members — clients are not paying a premium rate for a desk space which isn’t always being used.

Co-working spaces also offer members ample opportunities for networking with like-minded individuals.

The opportunity to meet new people is a strong pull to the coworking spaces. We hope that through our engaging programme of events and beautiful communal spaces, our members will be inspired to meet, chat, brainstorm, and be creative together!

A Work-Life Balance

According to Lena, the majority of GATHER’s members are “companies who are looking for “healthier” workplaces which encourage work-life balance.”

These include SMEs, startups or family-owned companies currently in the process of expanding the business. GATHER offers its various space solutions for different needs, from smaller spaces to bigger offices that can accommodate up to 40 staff.

Burnout is such a common phenomenon in Singapore especially, with people working extremely long hours.

GATHER aims to beat the burnout by offering members a better work environment, and promotes a work-life balance by extending exclusive lifestyle promotions to its members, including several leading fitness partners, including Orange Theory, F45 and Absolute Cycle, as well as wellness partners such as Natureland and the Chiropractic Focus Group.

Considering all the merits of coworking spaces, it is not hard to see why people are ditching traditional offices for their more lifestyle-focused counterparts.

Apart from providing a holistic environment to work in, coworking spaces are also great for networking with professionals and creatives from other industries.

If you are a small company looking for cost-effective solutions and a more integrated workspace, coworking spaces may just do the trick for you! TOC

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