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Photography: Courtesy of De Kinder Club

Ever wondered what a sensory playground might look like?

We recently worked on a branding project for De Kinder Club, an experiential learning hub for children aged between six months and six years. It prides itself on being a space that allows children to gain knowledge through various classes that fuse learning and play.

Genevieve Chang, the founder of the experiential learning space, was inspired to set up De Kinder Club when she realised how a child’s thirst for knowledge can never be quenched.

Through a multidisciplinary approach, De Kinder Club aims to inspire curiosity in children while igniting the love for learning, one child at a time.

Photography: Courtesy of De Kinder Club

Genevieve, the founder of De Kinder Club and a mother of two active boys, says she was inspired by their constant curiosity and their insatiable appetite for new knowledge. She wished to expose them to more learning opportunities, yet realised she would have to source for various centres to achieve that objective.

“I had to send them to different centres to give them that kind of exposure,” she recalls.

Genevieve decided to create a solution for the problem and took matters into her own hands by creating De Kinder Club— one space offering a variety of classes, easing the hassle for parents and children alike.

“I wanted to set up a place where I could hold different classes under one roof, to solve the problems that parents like myself face.”

Why a club, and not the conventional “enrichment centre” or “academy”?

Photography: Courtesy of De Kinder Club

De Kinder Club prides itself on providing a space that encourages creativity and collaboration, by holding values like respect and kindness in high regard.

“We wanted it to be more than just a school,” says Genevieve, who feels that a club suggested a sense of belonging.

“I imagine DKC as a treehouse. Where people come together and can identify with each other, in a very comfortable space where everyone can learn.”

Adopting A Multidisciplinary Approach to Learning

De Kinder Club offers its young learners a variety of classes — including Zumba, Science and Art, Sports, and even STEM and Coding.

Genevieve aspires to help children learn in safe, fun and conducive environments. Through experiential learning, she believes toddlers can gain valuable knowledge and skills — while enjoying the process.

Photography: Courtesy of De Kinder Club

She describes the De Kinder Club approach as one that’s “very different from how kids would learn in normal schools.”

Genevieve adds that the De Kinder Experience is unlike normal classrooms, where children would be told to keep quiet and stay still.

“This is counterproductive, as you’ll realise the children will shut off,” she explains.

“Learning through their senses enables kids to grasp concepts much faster.”

The passionate founder shares that her intention behind offering a variety of different classes is to equip the children with transferable skills.

We encourage them to be adept at thinking logically when it's called for, and creatively when it’s called for. The end goal when they become adults is to be able to fuse the two schools of thought together.

Photography: Courtesy of De Kinder Club

Curriculum Designed by Early Childhood Specialists

De Kinder Club carefully curates its educational material, and its curriculum is professionally designed by in-house early childhood specialists.

“For all the different classes, we work with a curriculum specialist who works with the field experts to plan the curriculum,” reveals Genevieve.

“For example, our yoga teacher would collaborate with our curriculum specialist and provide her views on how kids learn yoga best. Our curriculum specialist would then discuss what concepts we can incorporate into each class.”

Photography: Courtesy of De Kinder Club

It is evident that the club stays true to its values, as staff often collaborate to design the curriculum and work together to create material that is most optimal for learning. Genevieve finds that this encourages a consistent approach across the club.

Challenging Boundaries

At De Kinder Club, children are taught that “there are many ways to tackle a problem.”

By offering classes such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and coding, children are trained to adopt a systemic train of thought, which Genevieve believes will be very useful to them in their later years.

“Though these are seemingly abstract or tough topics, they can be easily broken down into simpler concepts that we see in our daily lives.

“Some very simple concepts we impart skills which children can pick up when they’re young. These include concepts in sequencing and logic, which are foundations of coding. Such concepts train the mind to think in a logical manner.’

A Collaborative Learning Environment

De Kinder Club believes in collaborating with their young learners to achieve learning objectives. Children are encouraged to move around during lessons, and are not anchored to pre-assigned seats.

The club delivers its promise by providing a holistic learning experience for children, ensuring that their De Kinder Mentors help children develop soft skills, such as conflict resolution.

Instead of simply stepping in to stop a conflict, teachers are trained to gently intervene by mediating the confrontation between two children. This imparts social skills and develops their young learners into socially adept individuals.

Within the club, employees are not referred to as “teachers” or “administrators” but instead, are known as “mentors”.

A mentor is someone who guides you, not just in their area of specialisation, but also in life, something like a role model.

De Kinder Club also focuses on incorporating positive reinforcement to ignite the love of learning. Children are rewarded with special patches of honour when they achieve certain milestones. For instance, they are awarded the “Social Bear” patch when they attend five events.

Inspiring Curiosity and Change

Photography: Courtesy of De Kinder Club

Through the establishment of De Kinder Club, Genevieve hopes to inspire change in the way parents approach their children’s education.

She hopes to convince parents that fun and learning can work hand-in-hand and that education doesn’t have to be done in a “pressure-cooker” style.

We have full faith that De Kinder Club’s multidisciplinary approach to learning will help to shift paradigms about early childhood education, and would like to extend our well-wishes to the lovely team at De Kinder Club.

For immersive and holistic learning experiences, plus fun-filled, themed holiday camps, please visit De Kinder Club’s websiteTOC


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