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From Farm To Fork

Sadia is a frozen food brand under BRF, a Brazilian global food company with more than 80 years of culinary expertise. Founded in 1944, Sadia has been providing innovative and quality meals for consumers around the world. With a focus on providing farm-fresh frozen chicken products to consumers, Sadia has helped to simplify cooking processes and enabled many home cooks to feel more confident in the kitchen. To establish a stronger presence in the digital sphere and increase the top-of-mind awareness for Sadia’s products, BRF Asia engaged The Outsiders Co. to manage and improve Sadia Singapore’s social media channels.

Dishes from Sadia’s recipes of the month. Food styling and photography by The Outsiders Co.

Turning The Tables

Needless to say, the taste of a food product is very crucial to consumers. Food sampling is therefore an important aspect when it comes to influencing consumers’ purchase decisions for frozen food products. However, the pandemic disrupted food tasting and cooking MasterClass opportunities that were initially planned for Sadia’s audiences. Hence, we had to pivot to find other strategies that would allow the Sadia brand to engage with them.

Influencer engagement: Article on Sadia’s Primo burgers by Have Halal Will Travel. Visual mockup by The Outsiders Co.
Print advertorial and advertisement: Sadia in The New Paper, 8 May 2020 issue. Visual mockup by The Outsiders Co.
Online advertorial and banner ad: Sadia on Lianhe Zaobao Online, with accompanying recipe video, published on 8 May 2020. Visual mockup by The Outsiders Co.

New Product Packaging; Care Package

To raise awareness for Sadia’s new product packaging, we sent out PR packages to let food bloggers and influencers enjoy Sadia products from the comfort of their homes. It was a timely opportunity to engage these Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) during Singapore’s Circuit Breaker as people spent more time at home and on their digital devices. We accompanied the online activation with editorials and advertisements in local newspapers to further amplify the message.

Influencer Engagement: Food bloggers’ coverage on Sadia’s new packaging, on Instagram. Visual mockup by The Outsiders Co.

PR Crisis Under Control

As the pandemic continued to escalate late last year, Sadia was faced with a PR crisis when false reports were made about the coronavirus being present on their frozen product packaging. Media monitoring and crisis communication were immediately activated to identify and rectify articles that portrayed Sadia in a negative light. We also reassured anxious consumers on social media platforms with official statements released by BRF that the claims were proven false and Sadia products were safe to be consumed.

PR Crisis Management: Before and after alerting the media about using incorrect visuals depicting Sadia products as the affected products. Visual mockup by The Outsiders Co.

Listen. Communicate. Engage.

Understanding Sadia’s audience was very important in helping us build brand affinity and loyalty. It also leads to more meaningful relationships with consumers. We helped Sadia communicate and engage with their audience through sharing relatable content and answering frequently asked questions on their social media platforms. Being present and available online has helped convert many consumers to become supporters of Sadia.

Social Media Content Management: Sizzle with Sadia campaign, on Facebook. Visual mockup by The Outsiders Co.
Community Management: Engagement with followers, on Facebook. Visual mockup by The Outsiders Co.


Currently, we continue to provide Marketing Strategy, Community Management, Public Relations, and Social Media Content Management services for Sadia. With the uncertainty of the pandemic and restrictions on marketing activations, we are constantly adapting and looking for new ways to help Sadia connect with its audience.


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