Let's TOC Issue #9: Hildra from Oasis:

Greetings! In this issue of Let’s TOC, we speak with Hildra from Oasis:, a low-waste vegan brand that is focused on sustainable and natural products. Read on as she shares how her skin problems led her to start this business!

Say hello to Hildra, founder of Oasis:.

Taking a Closer Look

Oasis: was born out of Hildra’s personal search for natural skincare products that could calm her acne-prone skin. Our first question was, “Why Oasis: with the colon?” (For the uninitiated, the brand used to be Oasis Skin before it took on the name Oasis:) Hildra explained, “We dropped the word “Skin” from our brand name because we have expanded beyond just skincare.”

“Adopting a sustainable lifestyle is hard,” Hildra acknowledged. “We get that, so we want to make the switch easier for customers by providing them an all-in-one place to visit with our Beauty Kitchen.” They now cover the whole gamut of personal care products – beauty, bath, home, and even pets!

Pet shampoo for dogs and cats
Paws up for some pet shampoo under their Oasis: Pets selection!

Used to precede a list of items, Hildra wanted to use the colon to categorise their range of products such as Oasis: Hair, Oasis: Face, and Oasis: Home for easy navigation. Besides that, the colon also suggests an openness to the brand.

“We have been evolving as a brand by building close relationships with our customers, and hence a lot of our products have been co-created with our community,” Hildra shared. In fact, the “flavours” of their cream deodorant were created based on the votes from their Instagram followers!

Inside the (Beauty) Kitchen

Solid shampoo
Introducing their star product - the Solid Shampoo. Ever since I started using their Blue Pea Lemongrass shampoo, washing my hair has never felt so relaxing!

The principles of OASIS are simple: use plant-based ingredients in products that do not add to our waste problem.

Having tried various antibiotics and creams, in addition to countless doctor visits, Hildra finally found a lasting solution for her skin when she turned to natural ingredients.

“The principles of OASIS are simple: use plant-based ingredients in products that do not add to our waste problem,” Hildra shared. “That is why we design products to either be package-free or refillable. We want to preserve the natural environment as best as we can.”

The Refillery Bar
To prevent wastage, you can purchase as little as 10ml at The Refillery Bar before you decide to commit to a bigger volume. Returning customers are also highly encouraged to bring their own containers.

As a small business, Hildra admitted that it was not easy to personally source for every ingredient. She shared, “We work with a partner in France for most of our ingredients and they do the groundwork of due diligence and sourcing directly from farms and producers with good practices.” That itself is a signpost of credibility since France typically has very strict laws guiding skincare companies. As an animal lover, Hildra also makes sure not to import ingredients from labs that conduct any form of animal testing.

Recycling efforts
A staff checking the quality of the carriers that were donated. (More in the recycling room at their storefront.)

In an industry that places much emphasis on attractive packaging to draw customers, Oasis: goes against the norm by participating in the Zero Waste Packaging Initiative. Besides creating package-free products like solid shampoos and conditioners, their skincare and bath products are all refillable. Their e-commerce deliveries are also shipped with 100% recycled boxes and packaging – kindly donated by the community. In fact, Hildra told us that the longest time they went without using a new box was 1.5 years (and counting!).

Unlike most beauty brands, Hildra also keeps the design of their products gender-neutral. This way, it allows Oasis: to become a starting point where people of diverse backgrounds can explore sustainable alternatives, focusing only on what their skin needs. 

More About Oasis: The Process

As we were greeted by the wide selection of products available at Oasis:, we grew curious as to how Hildra created all these products in her beauty kitchen. “A lot of our recipes are formulated with natural ingredients that have been used throughout history and well studied in modern medicine for its benefits for our skin and hair health,” she shared. Hildra gave a shout-out to gotu kola, shikakai and amla, which are herbs commonly used in ayurvedic healing for scalp irritation and hair growth.

Where the Community Meets
Here’s a peek into Oasis: The Provision Shop! With an interior that consists mostly of recycled and repurposed wood, it gives off a warm and welcoming feeling - as if you are in someone’s kitchen.

Skincare is a daily ritual and it should provide a sense of calm to the user.

Living in Singapore has also inspired her to work with oils that are lightweight and non-comedogenic for the skin – like the newly launched anti-pigmentation Bakuchiol Skin Refining Serum that is highly popular amongst local customers (because of all the sun you get here!). Hildra also uses organic essential oils to impart both beauty benefits and an element of aromatherapy to the products. She explained, “This is important as skincare is a daily ritual and it should provide a sense of calm to the user.”

Oasis: started out as a digitally native brand in 2018, and most of their marketing efforts were seen on their social media as well as pop-up events. A firm believer in staying true to the brand, Hildra shared, “We also attempted a bit of influencer marketing but did not go any further than sending products to a few micro influencers whom we felt resonated with the brand offering and values. We do not believe in paid listicles because those would take away the authenticity of what we do.”

As the Beauty Chef, Hildra’s passion remains in production although she also does most of the marketing work. Imagine our astonishment when we found out that she also holds a full-time job in the banking industry. How exactly does Hildra manage her time? With a smile, she told us, “When people go for coffee breaks, I go for a social media break.”

In an Oasis: On the Horizon

Oasis: Provision Shop
Oasis: Provision Shop, their Joo Chiat outlet - where residents and tourists of this heritage hood love to gather at. Pets are welcome too!

When we asked her if she had a brand persona in mind for Oasis:, she told us that she saw the brand as a work in progress, like the colon in its name. “I would imagine Oasis: to be exactly like all the customers who have come by – someone who appreciates natural products and does her best to reduce wastage but always learning as well.” She also sees a reflection of herself in the brand, especially when it comes to making conscious choices of using sustainable alternatives.

Besides building “a community of people who want to get more involved in leading a more mindful, low waste life”, she also looks forward to extending the space to collaborate with other like-minded local businesses in the ‘hood, such as coffee makers, vegan brands or even thrift stores!

We would like to thank Hildra from Oasis: for sharing her Beauty Kitchen with us. Feeling inspired to lead a more sustainable lifestyle? Head over to their website for a look or visit their stores for a more personalised experience!


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