Curbing Creative Burnout

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For creative professionals, it can seem like every moment not spent working and producing is a moment wasted.

Working hard is all well and good, but trying to squeeze more tasks into an already exhausting day helps no one, least of all yourself. If you’ve ever felt that you’re burning the candle at both ends, take a look at these tips to steer clear of creative burnout.

1. Get enough sleep

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This is definitely the most important way to avoid crashing and burning. You may appear more productive if you’re constantly pulling all-nighters and surviving on minimal sleep, but it’s highly unsustainable.

What your body needs is proper rest. The effects of sleep deprivation can be disastrous for any self-respecting hard-worker – forgetfulness, mental hiccups and creativeblocks are but a few of the symptoms.

It’s time to set a bedtime for yourself.

2. Listen to music

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It’s no secret that music influences the way we think, and even our productivity levels.

More importantly, music lifts your mood! So if you’re stuck in a creativity rut, listening to your favourite tunes can help you get out of it. It helps you get in “the zone”, and gives you a creativity boost too!

3. Spend time meditating

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The more you obsess over your creative work, the more stressed you get. And that actually clogs up your creative channels.

Take a breather, and clear your mind with meditation instead. Focus on your breathing, and let those panicky thoughts simply flutter past.

You can take a 10-minute break to clear your mind with meditation, which will be far more effective than spending that 10-minute window stressing out over untouched work.

4. Take a walk

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Go out into the park and breathe in some fresh air! Staying hunched over the laptop doesn’t help with that writer’s block, and sometimes you just need a change of scenery (and pace).

In fact, the movement might actually help you shake some ideas loose. Taking a walk can be the next most restful thing if you don’t have time to grab a quick nap. A jaunt around the block could help you recharge and refresh that inspiration!

5. Go on a sabbatical

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Sometimes, you just need a hard reset to jolt out of your funk. When stopgap measures don’t work anymore, maybe it’s time for a longer break.

It can be hard to take longer periods off work, especially with Singapore’s hustle-hustle-hustle mentality. But getting away from that pressure cooker is definitely beneficial for your productivity, so look at it this way: those two or three weeks away from work will make you a much better contributor for the remaining weeks in the year! TOC

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