How An Online Study Portal Makes Cramming for Exams Easier And Cheaper: Startup Business "Instacram"

For many Junior College and Pre-University students, the A-level journey is an uphill climb.
With the rising costs of enrichment and tuition classes, not every student can afford the kind of additional help they need to ace their A-levels. On top of that, the rigorous schedules that students have often make it hard for them to sign up for conventional tuition classes.
Founder of online learning portal Instacram, Rachel Nadia, shares how she makes enrichment for humanities subjects more accessible via her digital platform.

What is Instacram?

No, it has nothing to do with photo-sharing social media platform Instagram. Rather, Instacram is an innovative online learning portal which personalises each student’s humanities learning.
Rachel explains that the name Instacram is essentially a combination of two words, “Instant” and “Cram.”
The decision to give the business a similar sounding name was a clever, perhaps even strategic one. We can definitely picture youths being able to relate to the punny name.

Instacram: Instant — learning is made quicker, at your fingertips, and Cram — students can learn even at the last minute.

Instacram is basically the answer to a student’s last-minute mugging prayers – content-heavy humanities material is condensed into digestible, cram-friendly notes. Just perfect for pulling that much-needed all nighter!
Because Instacram is an online portal, students may access it anytime.

Freedom and Flexibility

Rachel ventured into her business with the purpose of disrupting conventional enrichment in mind.
Many students have their plates full with extra-curricular activities and other commitments, and Rachel set up her business with this consideration in mind.

The decision to launch Instacram was our way of positively disrupting the humanities learning and conventional tuition spaces – we wanted to offer young, tech-savvy and bright students the option of taking learning into their own hands, with the help of technology.

“This online learning option gives them the opportunity to access targeted coaching at a time convenient to them, even at the last-minute.”

Structured Curriculum Designed by Humanities Specialists

If you have ever sat for the General Paper, you’d likely agree that preparing for the examination is a highly tedious process.
Instacram offers its learners updated content from current affairs and news, complete with a comprehensive analysis.
The carefully curated humanities curriculum offered by Instacram was designed by a team of MOE-trained educators and experienced humanities tutors.
“Every piece of material has been crafted with specific applicability to the exam curriculum and to coach them towards the level of critical thinking demanded of pre-university students.”
Lessons are made easy to understand, even for students who are not strong in the subject. Guiding frameworks and checkpoint questions are part of the package, to ensure that students understand the content that is being taught to them.
If students still require clarifications, they have the option to book consultations with experienced educators via the portal. In that sense, learning through Instacram isn’t just limited to words on a computer screen.
To help students pace themselves, lessons are launched in a series, which students can complete one module at a time.
Instacram also offers its learners updated content from current affairs and news, complete with a comprehensive analysis.

Ensuring Accessibility

A quick Google search will tell you that tuition for A-Level students can cost up to a few hundred dollars per month. One-to-one tuition sessions conducted by an experienced or MOE-trained tutor may even cost up to $120 per hour.
It thus comes as no surprise that not every student can afford to receive extra help for their humanities subjects, even if they require it.
Considering its ease of use, convenience and quality of learning materials, Instacram is priced at an incredibly wallet-friendly rate.
Their basic Starter package will only set learners back $100, whereas the all-inclusive Scholar package only costs $200. The latter even gives students access to consultations with MOE-trained teachers and tutors, plus detailed lessons covering writing, comprehension and language skills.
Rachel finds that digitalising the humanities learning experience allows her to “offer quality help at a reduced rate, catering to learners of all economic backgrounds.

Believing in a Digital Future

By going digital, Rachel has managed to offer impeccable quality while keeping prices competitive.
Satisfied Instacram learners are the true testaments of its quality — happy parents and students have shared how they appreciate the convenience, accessibility and friendliness of lessons.
Former students who have utilised the portal have even been admitted to prestigious institutions such as the Singapore Management University and Nanyang Technological University.
The digital model of Rachel’s business has allowed her to achieve many merits, and most importantly, will continue to help the business stay relevant.
“Most importantly, they agree that the lessons allow for independent learning without compromising quality.”
“We believe in a digital future, led by kids themselves. We are striving to be at the forefront of that movement.”
The Outsiders Co. is honoured to have helped develop the Instacram portal. We have full faith in the business and wish Rachel and her team success in revolutionising the way students learn. TOC