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Positions Available

Content Strategist / Social Media Strategist


The Outsiders Co. is seeking a Social Media Strategist. A sharp-witted individual adept at cultivating clever, thumb-stopping content to develop brand stories and build brand loyalty. A deviser who’s also whizz at writing punchy captions. And one who’s perceptive enough to recognise trend-jacking opportunities to set our social media space on fire.

Pre-requisites Lick that stamp and ship your application to us on the pony express if you have a proven track record and strong understanding of all social media platforms. Oh yes, we’d also consider knowledge in Adobe Ps and Ai a plus (wouldn’t you?)

Designer (Social Media)

Intern / Full-Time

The Outsiders Co. is seeking a social media designer. A digital native who knows how to converse through the language of images, both static and moving. A proactive trend-hunter. A vocal brainstormer. One who has the knack for getting people to double-tap, swipe up, slide into our DMs or better still, send us a sexy emoji.

Pre-requisites Put up your thumb and hitch a ride in our creative camper if you’re a social media designer who can not only design, illustrate, animate perhaps even write copy but also has the confidence to pitch your ideas to us and the clients that await your brilliance!

Designer (Motion Graphics)

Intern / Full-Time

The Outsiders Co. is seeking a motion graphics designer. A highly imaginative executor that is astute at visual storytelling. One who is able to think out of the ordinary and adept at getting viewers to stay glued throughout a 60-120-180-300!!!-second video. A creative who knows how to weave a crisp, clear message into moving pictures to sell not just our clients’ dreams, but ours as well.

Pre-requisites Send us a smoke signal if you’re a motion graphics designer that is well-versed in social media applications and consider yourself highly competent in the field of animation. Oh wait! Knowledge in Adobe Pr and Ae is a must.

Designer (Branding)

Intern / Full-Time

The Outsiders Co. is seeking a versatile designer. A strategic thinker. A supportive team player. One who understands branding from a business perspective. A professional who communicates excellently both visually and verbally, winning clients over during pitches as well as at delivery.

Pre-requisites Float your letter in a bottle to us if you’re a designer with a strong background in graphic design, communication, design, fine arts, or a related field.