Techsun Inc


Connecting Brands & People

Techsun is a fast-growing SaaS company with a strong focus on R&D and ML/Ai functions. Techsun’s flagship offering – Social Hub – is a cloud-native SaaS product built for multichannel retailers. Social Hub offers cutting-edge Customer Relationships Management (CRM) and Customer Data Platform (CDP) solutions, helping retailers manage multi-channel data and enabling brand strategy on customer understanding, loyalty programs, customer engagement and marketing automation. Trusted by more than 50 international brands, Techsun is emerging as a winner in China’s hyper-competitive retail technology landscape. 

Leading trusted retail solutions

Techsun’s name is derived from the word “technology” and “sun”. Leveraging the concept of the solar system, we developed the design elements to reflect the brand name of Techsun. The core symbol is a combination of the nine planets in the solar system and the sun, forming a ‘T’ symbol. This symbol represents Techsun’s competency to be the leading advisory partner in APAC and beyond.

Brand Visual Identity Development

With Techsun’s brand identity being heavily focused on technology, we developed the colour palette to be modern and futuristic. The logo is represented by a dark space blue, Techsun Blue, with turquoise and fluorescent lime shades as accents. 


Ubuntu was chosen as the typeface for its futuristic look and feel as it captures the contemporary style with its clean and precise humanist sans serif typeface. Being an open-source font also allows it to present itself well in both print and digital spaces. Along with the primary font, Noto Sans (Simplified Chinese) was chosen as the secondary font for its versatility in both English and Mandarin characters.

Signature "T" Patterns

A series of fluid and organic ‘T’ shapes were extended from the logo and applied as a pattern for the website. This set of patterns can be applied for both dark and light coloured backgrounds. 


With the rebrand, Techsun welcomes a new modern and contemporary identity that will enable customers to identify them as professional, trustworthy and reliable. The rebrand will also help Techsun to increase brand awareness and recognition as the leading CRM solution in Southeast Asia.

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