+ SPA: A Spa for an Inclusive Community​


Your Inclusive Spa

+ SPA (read: Plus SPA) aims to provide wellness through their intuitive touch in order to build an inclusive and healthy community. As part of advocacy efforts to build diverse and inclusive workplaces, the + SPA team also includes professionally trained masseuses who are visually impaired.

Tactile Design

In light of World Braille Day on 4 Jan, + SPA is a concept that considers the user experience of the visually-disabled. Looking at how tactile details can be applied as a practical and design feature of the brand. The integration of braille dots and embossed designs into their storefront, door handles, name card and products reinforces + SPA’s identity; focused on the sense of touch.

Brand Visual Identity Development

Based on the tactile feature, the brand identity revolves around braille dots. The logo combines both braille and text, held by the plus symbol which represents the brand core for inclusivity.

The logotype uses the typeface Pontiac to reinforce the roundness of braille. Avenir is used to complement the clean look of the brand. 

Using muted tones and nuances of blue-grey gives us a peek into how the visually handicapped senses the world around us.


By reinforcing tactile design in the various brand assets, such as the storefront, product packaging and amenities, it creates the inclusive environment that + SPA advocates. Orginally a language used by the visually impaired, braille now becomes part of an aesthetic, raising awareness of inclusive design among a wider community.

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