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Let's Celebrate

Celebrations on-the-go

Inspired by the word “Hooray!” which is used to express joy or approval, OohRay Group brand promise lies in the moment of joyful experiences. We developed the identity based on your celebration for the journey of life. Applied as a logotype with a symbol, the five graphic strokes encapsulate the five product services that OohRay Group offers. The negative space in the logo also forms the shape of a star. This represents the brand attributes of being fun, professional and reliable. This symbol is also extended into various services such as travel, motor, rental and credit. 

Brand Visual Identity Development

The overall brand identity is minimalistic to reflect the brand’s attributes of being reliable and professional. Imperial Red is used as a primary colour to draw association with OohRay Group being a locally-established brand in Singapore. It is primarily paired with Cool Grey as well as secondary colours – royal blue, classic yellow, turquoiseand maroon. 

Poppins is chosen as the typeface because of its versatility and legibility on both print and digital spaces. As a geometric san serif font, Poppins captures the attention of readers as headers and body text. Poppins also has multilingual support which can be used forfuture applications.

Towards a celebrative milestone

The brand identity is applied on various applications such as business cards, letter head, envelopes and signages (list is not exhaustive). The application of the visual system  online and offline allows OohRay Group to establish a consistent brand voice while maintainingbrand presence. 


It is essential that the OohRay Group brand is established as a creative technology firm, without being overly casual or conservative. The developed brand identity for OohRay Group will help to drive its personality and story to reach a wider audience around the world. 

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