Kin Kin Pepper Rice

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Delivering Hearty Meals

Kin Kin Pepper Rice (KKPR) is a virtual fast food brand. It whips up peppery fried rice and delivers it right to your doorstep. KKPR approached The Outsiders Co. to design a logo and brand identity before its launch.

Kin Kin, The Mascot

Since pepper is the star ingredient in every dish, we wanted the mascot to be a peppercorn. Kin Kin’s personality was inspired by one of the founders’ pet dog – a friendly and adorable foodie. With the brand personality defined, we sketched out possible logo ideas for KKPR.

Capturing the Heart of Kin Kin

By our recommendation, the founders of KKPR decided on the heart symbol as a distinguishing feature of the mascot because of its sincere love for food and friends. The heart also offers the brand versatility when it comes to copywriting, designing graphic elements and possibly brand pivoting in the future.

The Kin Kin Clan

Kin Kin being a popular peppercorn has close kins and friends. Built using simple shapes, the logo proves its versatility for Kin Kin to showcase a range of expression – and even personalities – to form the Kin Kin clan.

Akin to A Friendly Diner

The colours – orangey-red, pink, green and white – were carefully curated to give a retro diner vibe. Together with the mascot design, the brand identity comes across as friendly and promises a great time over food at Kin Kin’s.

From Kin Kin, with Love

With its logo and brand identity established, Kin Kin Pepper Rice is now a step closer to shaking things up in Singapore’s competitive food landscape. Though KKPR was originally planned as a virtual brand, the founders are currently considering to open a physical store, where Kin Kin lives to eat and share its peppery rice delights with Singaporeans.

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