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Crafting Stories

Building An Inclusive Community

&able is a retail brand that advocates for the PWDs community. Our agency started with naming, &able is a wordplay on enable. It encapsulates the brand’s vision of building an inclusive community for the PWDs. Through its three pillars, connect, co-create and collaboration, &able provides PWDs and artisans a platform for expression and gift creation.

The heart of this brand is in the act of gifting and empowering PWDs to live a life fulfilled destiny; to live out their potential. Our journey of gifting passes through the hands of PWDs, the artisans and the public. Through the PWDs community we create original handmade exclusive gifts which can be bought by the public as well as to the private sector.

Brand Visual Identity Development

We developed an organic visual system consisting of fluid graphic elements and hand drawn illustrations. The illustrations consist of crafting tools, gifts and local symbols such as the orchid, merlion and a signage of &able’s retail address. We kept the illustration lines thin and minimal. The illustrations can be applied individually or as a pattern to express various purposes. This allows for versaility in expressing the visual system.

Colours and Typography

The graphic elements come in various organic forms to express the creative and energetic spirit of the brand. The colour palette comes in 3 primary colours – Navy, Cream and Soft Green, with seondary colours – coral passion and sunny to lift the muted tones. The main colour Navy gives &able a professional and trustworthy look to appeal to memebers of the private sector who would be receiving these gifts. The muted cream and soft green lends a contemporary look for its retail presence. A geometric and friendly typography, Filson Pro, welcomes consumers and provides an approachable readability in its writing. A handwritten font, Marydale, is also chosen to add a personal touch to the brand voice.


We designed a set of stationery and digital applications. The organic and energetic mood of the graphic elements comes through in the applications. We developed a set of layouts for the graphic elements so that they are dynamic when applied in applications such as the letterhead, blog and social media posts.

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