HARVEST: Farm fresh groceries


Direct from Farm

Cultivating a generation of farmers

Cultivating a new generation of farmers, HARVEST aims to highlight the quality of produce by sourcing only fresh vegetables, fruits and poultry. The concept of HARVEST continues beyond the product where consumers are encouraged to recycle or plant the packaging. Hence, giving consumers the experience of being home farmers.

Brand Visual Identity Development

The logo consists of a wordmark and a carrot symbol. Using a simple and clean typeface, it reinforces the freshness and quality of produce HARVEST delivers. The letter “V” plays with negative space to create the silouette of a carrot. The carrot further illustrates the meaning of the logo which is to harvest fresh produce. The illustration style of the carrot is simple and translates into the illustrations and patterns for the packaging.

The illustrations and patterns are stamp-like to extend it’s natural quality as though the illustrations are being stamped. We developed a bright colour palette of green, blues, yellow and red based on the green logo. These colours bring out the freshness of the products. We chose a bold and narrow font, Garage Gothic, to create a fresh and contemporay look for the sustainable concept. The narrow font also suggests a sense of growth, which is associated with the name “HARVEST”.

Bright and Fresh

The packaging concept is to have a minimal look while being sustainable in the materials used. A minimal and modern look with simple, stamp-like illustrations and patterns is used to dress the plantable and recyclable packaging. Vegeables such as carrots are packaged minimally with a jute string and a plantable lable. Poultry uses a cutout style to reveal the meat textures, which also adds another layer to the illustrations. The bright and fresh packaging style combines all the elements of HARVEST into a visually engaging experience.


The holistic concept of HARVEST considers the source of the product, the consumer experience and the lifecycle of the packaging. It is a reminder for more sustainable efforts to be made in developing packaging and how branding can educate and cultivate good habits in consumers.

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