Geonbae: Always a Delight


Taste of Korea

Geonbae is more than a Korean drink company. They offer accessibility to a range of quality Korean F&B products to bring the authentic taste of Korea to Singapore. Geonbae needed to rebrand themselves to attract new businesses and expand their product range. Through our brand strategy, we restablished their brand values, crafted their tone of voice and developed a brand identity system.

Curating the Korean experience

The core of Geonbae is established based on its vision of being an authentic Korean food provider. The brand experience is designed around its three attributes which is friendly, knowledegable and reliable. With its approachable brand identity, Geonbae takes curation up a notch by recommending product pairings and organising gifts set and bundles for the uninitiated.

Brand Visual Identity Development

The logo is designed with the aspiration of delivering the taste of Korea to consumers. The logo consists of a logomark, tagline and symbol. Both the letter “g” and the symbol share the same graphic element – symbolising a bowl or a cart. The symbol carries the Korean translation of Geonbae which means cheers.  Part of the Korean words can also be seen as a cup and chopsticks which is a subtle reference to the food and drinks products that the brand carries. Together, the cup, chopsticks and bowl completes the symbol to reinforce the tagline “Always a Delight”. 

The bowl symbol and submark are extended into graphic elements. They are used in combination with the logo to facilitate brand recognition.  The brand colours, blue, white, kimchi red and black bring out both the friendliness and authenticity of the brand. Graphie is used as the main typeface to keep a clear and simple typography. Its geometric characteristics also intend to add to its friendliness.

Clean and Simple Labels

Besides being a platform for Korean F&B products, they have also ventured into creating their own range of products. These include soju, kimchi and soju sorbet. Each label features the submark and symbol as key design elements while keeping the rest of the layout minimalistic. 


The simple and recognisable symbols tie in with the overall clean brand aesthetic. The extension of the brand identity into their own products further reinforces the curated journey Geonbae provides. With the rebrand, Geonbae welcomes a new modern identity for the future of their business and can reconnect with their audience through digital platforms and physical marketing collaterals.

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