Fortune: A Tribute to Robinsons


Tribute to Robinsons

If Robinsons were still around, what would it have in store for its customers to celebrate Lunar New Year? This was the question that inspired TOC to create an imagined festive line, Fortune, for the then grande dame of retail.

Fusing the Old with the New

We wanted to keep to a sophisticated style rooted in history while putting a contemporary spin on a range of festive goodies and retail merchandise. They include metal tins for the much-awaited Lunar New Year goodies, tingkat (Malay for “tiffin carrier”) and a spring motif tote for carrying one’s mandarin oranges, a must-have when visiting family and friends during the golden week.

Brand Visual Identity Development

Traditional elements such as LNY goodies and fortune coins were integrated into the iconic Robinsons building. Illustrating the building with sleek, gold lines, Fortune added its own contemporary twist to the celebration of Spring Festival.

The colours turquoise, orange and pink used throughout the festive line expressed the gaiety of Spring Festival. Taking reference from Robinsons’ logo, we used Louize Display, a similar serif font to reinforce the line’s sophistication.


Through the LNY merchandise, we preserved the iconic Robinsons building as a symbol of retail excellence. Fortune by Robinsons is thus an imagined festive line to celebrate good fortune for the coming year, in remembrance of the years Robinsons had weathered with us.

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