Flowly: An App for Pain and Anxiety


Your App for Pain and Anxiety

Flowly, a wellness brand based in America, teamed up with The Outsiders Co. to create a brand for their product – a mobile app to help people with chronic pain and anxiety. We worked closely with the founders of Flowly to understand what the Flowly brand is, who it is for, and how it works to create daily comfort for its users. 

A Balance of Science and Wellness

The brand audit and brand positioning exercises helped us define Flowly. It is a brand that teaches users to control and better manage their nervous system by making biofeedback accessible, as well as designing immersive virtual works for comfort and relaxation. Flowly also creates a safe and inclusive community where users can share experiences and advice. 

Meet the Mascot

Flowly needed a key visual to embody the brand personality. Our starting point was the brand mascot. The objective was to create a personable and friendly companion for users of the app. The mascot’s heart-shaped face became the main feature of the brand – representing its caring nature. The alternating sizes of the face at a rhythmic pace helps users recalibrate and regulate their nervous system through relaxation training. 

Brand Visual Identity Development

With the brand mascot completed, we began to design the rest of Flowly’s visual identity system. MADE Tommy Soft and Nunito were chosen as the brand’s principal typography set. Characterised by rounded edges and geometric forms, the typefaces mimick the mascot’s soft nature, and convey the supportive attribute of the Flowly brand.

The colour palette was inspired by the brief moment that separates dusk and nightfall; dawn and daylight, conveying the idea of embracing the present. The pastel tones bring a calming and comforting effect for the overall look and feel of Flowly.


Once the visual identity system was set, we designed brand assets such as digital landscape illustrations, the VR goggles headset and box packaging. This resulted in a more coherent and consistent look for Flowly. A look that conveys what Flowly aims to make their users feel – relaxed and a sense of belonging in an inclusive community.

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