De Kinder Club: Igniting the Love for Learning

Igniting the Love for Learning

In the heart of town, there are three De Kinder bears — Yee, Teeto and Haaki. They live in De Kinder Club where children gather to learn in a fun way. Inspired by early education concepts from Europe, De Kinder Club is Singapore’s premier multi-sensorial and experiential learning centre. With plans to officially open its centre at Marina Square, The Outsiders Co. worked with the founder to establish the brand.

Three Little Bears

The logo consists of three bears playing together. Bears were chosen as the brand’s mascots as they are found in most cultures and children folklore. This offers young children a sense of comfort and familiarity. Just as how children’s stories feature bears in a family unit, bears also symbolise the brand’s emphasis on the importance of family in the development of every child.

Welcome to de Club

De Kinder Club aims to provide children with a soothing and comfortable environment to learn and play in. Each classroom, home to a De Kinder bear, takes on a different natural theme. The three themes — grassland, starry night, and treehouse — creates excitement and familiarity for children as they are immersed in an environment commonly found in storybooks.

The brand identity is designed to meet this objective of creating soothing physical spaces, featuring different natural themes. The primary colour palette consists of a neutral set of colours in light hues, and an accent set of vibrant colours to offer contrast. The secondary colour palettes are planned around the three themes, using colours that are associated with these spaces.

Inspiring Creativity

De Kinder Club believes that each child has the ability to think independently, innovatively and creatively. It takes on a multi-disciplinary approach to hone this innate creativity and ability to think. To reflect the brand’s unique pedagogy approach, organic handdrawn lines were used in its icon and illustration styles to inspire young learners to innovate and think creatively.

Coming Together

After the brand identity was developed, the agency created a range of brand applications, such as corporate stationeries, website, soft toy merchandise, and patches of honours to reward young learners when they achieve certain milestones.

And They Learned Happily Ever After

De Kinder Club has since successfully opened its doors to welcome young children into its big and wonderful playground. It is a place where every child feels a sense of belonging, as well as the freedom to explore and learn. It is a safe space — where Yee, Teeto and Haaki lives — that holistic learning experience takes place, fulfilling the brand’s promise to make learning fun.

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