Axxa Global: Wellness Made Easy

Wellness Made Easy

Axxa Global is a seed nutrition company that combines nature and technology to create patented botanical beverage mix. Established in 2011, the brand seeks rebranding efforts to remain relevant and set future strategic goals to be seen as a wellness brand.

A Society that Prioritises Health and Wellness

Considering the brand’s heritage, slight amendments are done to the logo, while keeping its initial logo concept. The two interlinking Möbius strips are now visually seamless with a gradient application. The logotype is new to reflect the brand’s positioning, along with its tagline, “Wellness made easy” to reinforce it.

Brand Identity Development

The overall brand identity is minimalistic to reflect the brand’s attributes of being caring, honest and knowledgeable. The colour palette is primarily white, usually pair with Nigella (Axxa Global’s Black) and the occasional accent colour, Cotyledon (Axxa Global’s Yellow).

Born Ready Slanted and Lexend form the typography palette for Axxa Global. As a handwritten font, Born Ready Slanted captures the attention of readers as headers, while Lexend provides legibility for body text and captions.

An important part of the brand identity is to come up with graphic elements to represent each product. Abstract shapes and water colour textures are used to depict natural ingredients. Colours found in nature are also injected to differentiate the products.

A Cohesive and Consistent Design System

With the brand identity in place, brand collaterals are designed such as marketing materials, packaging, and corporate stationeries. Each collaterals showcases how the brand identity can be applied across different applications for consistent branding.


The rebranding exercise for Axxa Global has primed the brand to position itself to be seen as a wellness brand. Coupled with a brand guide, Axxa Global is now able to move towards its future vision with coherent and consistent branding.

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