ArbSolutions Asia: A cut above the rest


A cut above the rest

ArbSolutions Asia (ASA) is a tree management company providing arboriculture solutions. ASA approached The Outsiders Co. to develop a brand identity system so that they can build brand awareness and establish their vision.

Urban Greenery Specialists

The heart of ASA lies in its passion for trees. Hence, we developed a versatile brand identity system based on the tree symbol. Applied as a logo, the tree symbol encapsulates ASA’s brand attributes which are professional, technical and experienced. It is accompanied by the logotype and tagline, “A cut above the rest”. The symbol extends into a system of icons to represent the various services and capabilities ASA offers. It is also applied as patterns and graphic elements, such as the semblance of a forest when applied as a pattern.

Forward-thinking and Established

The logo consists of a symbol, which is made up of a pyramid, an arrow and a tree using negative space. The tree is illustrated with alternate branches to resemble the irregularity of nature. It can also be viewed as a single leaf. The Accent Orange tip embedded at the top of the tree represents ASA’s forward-thinking strategies. The large Forest Green base of the tree represents the company’s solid establishment within the industry, rooted in experience and capabilities ranging from general arboriculture to niche skills.

The set of icons are based on ASA’s symbol. Each icon uses the brand colours, with Accent Orange to highlight parts of the services or tools. Forest Green, Cool Grey and White are used as primary colours. Black is used as a secondary colour – a contrast to the primary colours and can be seen in selected brand applications. Accent Orange is used subtley to reinforce the excellence of the brand.

Quatro Bold is chosen as the logotype due to its modern geometric type to complement the tree symbol. Effra regular, a sans serif font with its clean lines and humanist shapes, makes for a suitable body.

Towards a biophilic and sustainable environment

The brand identity is applied on various collaterals including business cards, letterheads, envelops, uniform and vehicle decals. This ensures that the brand is applied consistently throughout the company and in all activities they do, from business meetings through to carrying out their tree work.The application of the visual system from logo, icons to graphic elements allows ASA to reinforce their purpose in shaping tree architecture in Singapore.


The geometric and technical features of the brand identity brings out the vision of the company. It provides ASA with a set of assets to communicate and establish their brand promise of preserving trees through ethical arboriculture solutions.

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