100M Private Dining


Please Be Seated

Managed by One Faber Group, 100M is a private dining restaurant concept. One Faber Group approached The Outsiders Co. to develop the restaurant’s branding — starting from its name to its brand identity design and brand style guidelines.

Elevating Dining Experiences

The name, “100M” is inspired from the fact that the private dining space is situated 100 metres above sea level. This informs the logo design as well — with three upward strokes to emphasise each character. These strokes highlight the elevation of 100M private dining experience, representing exclusivity, connection and celebration.

Brand Visual Identity Development

The brand identity revolves around the idea of ethereal elegance. It pays tribute to the natural scenic views at Mount Faber. This informs the colour palette that consists of Rich Earth (100M Copper) and Luxe Noir (100M Black). As for the typography, Montserrat and Raleway are chosen for 100M’s brand communications because of their clean, modern and versatile look.

As an extension of the brand assets, geometric elements and designs are created to form the brand motif and pattern. The use of minimalistic geometric lines can be seen in the formation of the letter “M” in its name. The resulting geometric pattern reinforces the upward strokes from the logo concept to keep the brand identity coherent.

Causes For Celebration

As 100M aims to provide an elevated private dining experience, branded collaterals are designed to complement its warm hospitality. From corporate stationeries to menus, the brand identity is carefully applied across different applications for consistent branding.


The branding exercise for 100M Private Dining has created a brand identity that reflects the elegant and sophisticated dining experience 100M offers its guests. From every interaction that its guests have with the brand, 100M is confident to create a consistent brand experience, delighting its guests from start to end.

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