5 Ways To Build Your Brand This Christmas

5 Ways To Build Your Brand This Christmas-cover
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Ho-ho-ho! The festive season has gracefully descended upon us – you can almost hear those sleigh bells ringing.

Why not take advantage of the holly, jolly season to build your brand? Here are five fun ways you can build your brand this Christmas

Give Back to the Community

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To celebrate the true spirit of giving, your brand can give back in a couple of ways.

Giving the Gift of Time

This could be a company wide effort to volunteer at an old folk’s home,  or to work a day at an animal shelter. It’s a great way to end of the year by engaging with the community and inculcates good values among staff members.

Sharing Resources with The Less Fortunate

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Plough a percentage of your profits into a charity or cause of your choice. Your monetary gift can be channelled into helping communities such as underprivileged children, the elderly, the disabled or the urban poor.

While this should not be your main objective, giving back to society will also help in brand positioning and align your brand with good values, which helps customers perceive your brand in a positive light.

Create Festive Campaigns

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Take a look around you the next time you visit a mall towards the end of the year. You’ll realise that food chains and retailers start launching their Christmas specials in late November, in the form of set menus and exclusive deals.

People tend to be a bit more willing to splurge during the festive season, so if you’re running a B2C business, this is an opportune time to revv up holiday marketing efforts. These can include special, holiday-themed offerings, available for a limited time only.

In 2018, we worked alongside Yoshinoya Singapore to put together kick-ass collateral for their exclusive Christmas menu.

Launch A Holly, Jolly Product Line

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Every year, American coffee company Starbucks launches a much-anticipated Christmas collection to celebrate the festive season. Products are available for a limited period only, and feature jolly, festive colours.

This year’s Christmas collection saw the inclusion of adorable polar bears, reindeer and snowmen paired with Christmas motifs, applied across merchandise like tumblers, cups, lunchboxes and more.

Starbuck’s annual Christmas collection gets customers excited during the holiday season. It has also created an association between the company and the festive season.

Why not consider creating a holiday product line for your business?

Make Customers Feel Like Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Let’s face it, customers can be naughty and nice. This Christmas, make customers feel extra special no matter which end of the spectrum they fall on.

If you’re a retail business that sells products in-store or online, you may consider throwing in a little gift for every purchase. These could come in the form or sample or travel-sized products for skincare and beauty brands, or limited edition holiday merchandise like keychains, stickers, notepads and more.

B2B businesses may consider putting together festive hampers for regular clients. Not only will this be a warm gesture and a pleasant surprise, it is also a great way to foster a good relationship with your clients.

Weave Christmas Into Your Content Strategy

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If your brand has a presence on social media, it is wise to plan your content around the holidays. Christmas is a fun time for your brand to execute content marketing, and this can reap favourable results if it’s done tastefully.

Fashion brands, for example, can share holiday look books by taking advantage of Instagram’s multiple photo feature. If you would like to deliver your content in a more  dynamic way, Instagram Television (IGTV) is a great way to do so as well.

Tech and homeware brands could share light-hearted articles about Christmas gatherings or even create gift guides to help customers navigate those office secret Santa gift exchanges. Food and beverage businesses, on the other hand, can share fun holiday recipes that customers can try at home with loved ones.

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These five tips will allow you to add depth to your brand personality and help team members get creative – plus, everyone gets to have a bit of fun!

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