5 Reasons Why GIFs Need To Be Part Of Your Social Media Strategy

5 Reasons Why GIFs Need To Be Part Of Your Social Media Strategy-cover

Today, several brands use social media to support their marketing efforts. Apart from simply posting static images online, brands have expanded their content pipeline to include more thumb-stopping content.

Graphic Interchange Formats (more widely known as GIFs) have been gaining popularity in recent years across various digital channels. If this term sounds alien to you, a GIF is basically multiple frames encoded into a single image file. When viewed, the frames are played in an animated sequence automatically.

Here’s a fun tidbit: Did you know that GIFs were actually introduced in 1987?

It’s fascinating how something that was created 32 years ago continues to be so relevant in the digital age of today.

GIFs were previously associated with informal uses, but have since evolved to become useful for digital marketing — what if we told you GIFs could be a part of your social media strategy?

GIFs Boost Engagement

GIFs have a bit of an advantage over their static counterparts because they support simple animations. These animated frames are more eye-catching and may entice your followers to engage with your content.

These days most of us would agree that visual content is easier to consume, and GIFs are more interactive and eye-catching. They make your post more engaging because they make things move. If you’re able to create a GIF that’s relatable, users may be compelled to leave you a like or engage with your page via a comment. Commit to creating quality content and your content may even be shared, which boosts reach and impressions.

GIFs Help You Tell A Story

Marketing guru Seth Godin once said: “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but the stories you tell”.

Because a GIF has the capacity to show a few frames, you can promote your product or service by supplementing it with a story.

That’s exactly what we did for our clients, Fatboi Brownies. Rather than simply featuring the product — brownies — we decided to move things up a notch by playing around with their brand illustrations.

Though short, viewers can identify a simple, playful storyline in the GIF. By incorporating a simple narrative, we brought out how Fatboi Brownies are desirable products by showing how the little dog is salivating at the sight of the products, and how it piqued the curiosity of “Fatboi” in one of the first few frames.

GIFs Showcase Your Brand’s Personality

Creating GIFs gives you more leeway for creativity, as compared to the usual static post. You’re able to subtly include certain traits of a brand that a single static image may not be able to convey. If your business is similar to American coffee company Starbucks, you may want to bring out the fun element of your brand in order to connect with a young audience.

Starbucks uses captivating, fun GIFs to engage their audience and align it well with their tone of voice, making it an effective step in marketing the brand.

Bring out your brand’s personality by creating GIFs that relate closely to your buyer personas – this is a great way to create thumb-stopping GIFs that will increase traction on your social media pages.

GIFs Can Support Your Campaigns

Hosting a giveaway? Launching a new line of products? GIFs can help bolster your marketing efforts when done right. UK-based retailer, Boohoo effectively employs the use of GIFs to promote their marketing giveaways on social media.

Levi Strauss Singapore also used a GIF to announce the release of their forthcoming Star Wars Collection on 1st November 2019.

GIFs Show Your Followers That You’re Updated

The Fear Of Missing Out — or more commonly known as FOMO — is real here. Since several brands have jumped onto the GIF bandwagon, it only makes sense that you do, too! When it comes to social media, it is essential to keep abreast of trends to stay relevant and relatable to your audience. TOC

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