5 Graphic Design Tools for Startups

5 Graphic Design Tools for Startups-cover
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Starting a new venture is no easy feat. As a startup founder, business acumen and strategic planning may be among your strengths but fret not if graphic design isn’t one of them — we have a list of free graphic design tools to help you get started.

1. Canva

Canva is an easy to use platform that allows you to modify and customise your own designs. From social media posts to presentation templates, Canva consists of a variety of colour palettes, typography styles and layouts to serve different objectives.

Canva includes its own library of royalty-free stock images, which you are free to use to spruce up presentations or collateral.

The free graphic design platform includes ready-to-use presentation decks, posters, and even Facebook cover photos to inspire creative design ideas for your business. Canva doesn’t just provide free templates — they offer a pool of creative resources that serve as inspiration for people to create great designs for their brand. Canva scores well in terms of convenience as well, as users may export their designs as various file formats.

Simply plug and play! With Canva, it is quite possible to “design anything.”

2. Pixlr

Put simply, Pixlr is a free alternative to Adobe Photoshop. Spruce up your photos by doodling on them if you like, or get that picture-perfect shot with their blemish-removal tools.

Make sure your pictures only include the important things — Pixlr allows you to remove unwanted subjects in the photo if you need to.

Pixlr’s in-built filters provide a fuss-free way to edit your pictures quickly. What’s great about Pixlr? They have both a web version as well as a mobile app, so you can edit your pics on the go if you’re hustling 24/7.

3. Dafont

Need to find a suitable type for your new logo? Struggling to find the right typefaces for flyers or marketing collateral?

The content of your collateral is important — but the typography style you choose to present your words are very much part of the message itself.

Dafont offers its users free, downloadable fonts. Once downloaded into your computer, you may apply these fonts onto desktop applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Word, Keynote and more.

Apart from common fonts used for graphic design purpose, Dafont also has festive fonts for holidays like Christmas and Halloween — Perfect for design greeting cards or holiday promotions. While Dafont may provide free fonts, you must take note of licensing agreements that users must abide by.

On another note, throwing visually contrasting fonts together without careful deliberation may end up in disaster for your brand — while it’s definitely great to be creative, some consistency still has to be maintained in the name of good branding.

4. Slides Carnival

Got a major pitch coming up? Let design be the least of your worries with Slides Carnival, an easy-to-use, free presentation template platform.

Their highly modifiable templates allow you to present statistics and key information clearly, making it an effective tool for assembling clear and concise presentations.

Choose from a range of creative, formal, business or fun templates to suit the occasion. Slides Carnival holds a library of icons that you can copy and paste into different slides, where you can adjust their size and opacity.

5. Wix

Wix is great for designing your website. The website design platform offers a range of templated layouts that users can choose from. Layouts are categorised by industry, which allows website creators to easily locate design styles that fit their business or interests.

If you have limited experience with User Interface (“UI”) design, we’d suggest sticking to the default templates provided by Wix to avoid confusion and difficulty.

From the template, users are free to switch up the colours, typefaces and may include royalty-free images from the Wix library. You can even animate the elements on your website to make it more interactive for users — all this at minimal or no cost at all.

Intermediate users with some knowledge of UI design may choose to play around with the elements in attempts to customise their website design further.

Though some UI design experience is recommended, Wix definitely makes building a website a whole lot easier. Businesses can customise their sites according to brand colours to achieve the overall look and feel they want, without having to code the entire website from scratch. TOC

If you’ve already tried these tools but still find that little extra pizzaz elusive, we’d love for you to reach out to us!

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