5 Creative Activities To Usher In The Festive Season

5 Creative Activities To Usher In The Festive Season-cover
Ever in the mood for a creative outlet, the upcoming festive season is just the perfect time to connect creativity to craftsmanship. We’ve lined up five fun activities to usher in the festive season!

Make Gingerbread Cookies

Who doesn’t love Gingerbread men? Gather a bunch of friends or family members to host a bake-off to get yourselves in the festive mood.

You can get really creative with Gingerbread cookies by dressing them up with different designs. If you’re able to get your hands on different types of moulds, you can even get creative by cutting them into fun shapes. Why not bake a gingerbread reindeer or even gingerbread superheroes?

DIY Christmas Gifts

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Save some Christmas shopping money cash and have heaps of fun at the same time!
Putting together DIY Christmas gifts can be a cathartic way to conclude the year. Moreover, DIY gifts possess a lot more meaning because they’re one of a kind and infused with love.
Make them as simple or as creative as you want! Consider making sock teddies for friends who like to have a cuddly companion in their bedrooms, or even at the office.
Another fun and practical gift you could attempt to make are clay earrings – these are awesome for the fashionista in the clique, since you can personalise them the way you like.
If you’re not too crafty, or simply want to fill stockings for people at work or big groups of friends, simply assemble a treat jar. Be sure to fill these with festive candy and good old favourites like M&Ms – what can we say – those never go wrong! Dress the jar up in festive colours or slap on some cool Christmas stickers for that festive touch.

Design Your Own Christmas Cards

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Penning down the season’s greetings will surely get you singing along to those Christmas carols.
Instead of sending out e-cards, why not send out your holiday greetings the good old way?
Design your own Christmas cards this year and give your loved ones a surprise!
A good source of inspiration would be Pinterest, which serves as an amazing library of diverse, creative ideas.

Get Creative With Christmas Creations

What is the festive season without feasting? Get creative in the kitchen by adding your own twist to traditional Christmas favourites.
Or, better yet — apply a festive twist to local flavours. How do toffee nut kopi bings or pandan-flavoured log cakes, sound? Why not serve up that Christmas turkey with rendang or satay sauce instead? For added variety (and perhaps some extra manpower for the clean-up), gather your family or a group of friends to have a Christmas cook-off. Anticipate an evening of interesting flavours and merrymaking.

Host a Christmas-Themed Party

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It’s a little like dressing up for Halloween, except with more santas and santarinas instead of Jokers and Harley-Quinns.

A bit of competition is always fun. Why not hold your own Christmas pageant to see who comes dressed the most creative Christmas costumes?

Everyone likes to win, so attract your guests to take part by awarding the winner with a prize. You can do this by collecting a few dollars from each attendee and pooling it together as prize money. The guest who is decked in the most innovative costume wins the entire sum.
Ask your guests to get creative and come dressed as reindeers, snowmen, gingerbread cookies or even Christmas trees!
Commemorate the event by snapping as many silly photos as you can — these will be great for laughs in many years to come. The designated DJ for the night should also have a festive playlist ready so guests can groove to holiday beats!
Are you excited for the festive season? We know we are! TOC

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